Standard I
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Pour radio d'État, consuls, ambassadeurs, diplomates, chefs d'États et chefs de Gouvernements


The "manoeuvre" Standard III began as a two-hour uninterrupted nationwide broadcast on Radio-Canada on April 11, 2004 (Easter). The program featured 198 30-second periods of radio silence punctuated by an alphabetical listing of every country in the world. The same phrase introduced each silence: "Thirty seconds of silence for domestic and foreign political victims..." This broadcast was recorded live off the airwaves and remixed for publication on CD along with a text that considers the effects of administrative regulation and state control on mass media. Beginning in October 2004, copies of the publication will be sent through diplomatic channels to each country of the world. On the occasion of each country's national celebration, its head of state will be contacted to verify the receipt and subsequent response to the CD. This process will be recorded on the websites of Fado Performance Inc.